Some of the people who get paid to say things have said nice things about my directing, too:

for Love and Information (Main Street Theater)

“Director Philip Hays overlays Churchill with playful style; he winks at us, too, giving this contempo play a revealing mod touch.”
~D.L. Groover, Houston Press, February 15, 2016

for Mr. Burns: a post-electric play (Cape Repertory Theatre)

“a vastly entertaining and intellectually challenging piece of contemporary theater, fully using the refined talents of a highly capable company…”
~Roger Shoemaker, Cape Cod Times, September 18, 2015

for A Christmas Carol (Classical Theatre Company)

“Philip Hays has directed a lean production that further increases emphasis on the words themselves and the actors speaking them. It’s a no-frills treatment that speaks the text plainly…with simple expressiveness.”

“More than in most productions, the overall effect is one of restrained reflection on the deeper meanings of Dickens’ timeless story.”
~Everett Evans, Houston Chronicle, December 15, 2014

“Perhaps the most Dickensian of all theatrical treatments to be seen…this season, if not any season… The book comes alive on stage in marvelous new ways.”

“Classical’s production is at one with Dickens, respectful, observant, and utterly right.”
~D.L. Groover, Houston Press, December 16, 2014

for The Murder of Gonzago (Prague Shakespeare Company)

“Replete with crowd-pleasing shtick, and lightly laced with poison and pathos this Scoobyspeare black comedy…delivers on the director’s trademark blend of popular references, Shakespearean in-jokes, melodrama and murder.”
~Logan Hillier

“…a romp, silly and eccentric… Just as it should be.”
~Michael Calcott, Prague Fringe, May 31, 2014

“If there is one thing the Prague Shakespeare Company knows how to do, it is their comedies… A great reminder that Shakespeare is not sacred, and that even those who take him seriously can take a breather and still thrill us with their wit and their craft.”
~André Crous, Prague Post, May 30, 2014

for Doctor Faustus (Classical Theatre Company)

“thoroughly bewitching… imaginative, awesome theatricality”

“director Philip Hays and his team of sorcerers conjure up an enchanting evening in the the theatre not to be missed”

“[this] scintillating production… makes going to Hell an absolute pleasure”
-D.L. Groover, Houston Press, February 4, 2014

for The Duchess of Malfi (Prague Shakespeare Company)

“A larger than life, wildly physical, morally deviant and chaotically violent bacchanal… a verbose drunk’s dirty limerick of incest, vomit and wonderfully deranged villains… a carousel of repulsive yet brilliant clowns gunning their way to a satisfyingly bloody finale.”
~Michael Rowland, Fringe Review, May 28, 2013

“Prague Shakespeare Company pulls out all the stops, and a few organs, in madcap production… Poor taste is on display everywhere in the production, as actors hurl or spout various liquids on each other and in a kind of infomercial format, various intestines are removed perorally with great gusto… This is the kind of show that is so warped… nothing is as we would expect… rush out to see it.”
~André Crous, Prague Post, December 3, 2013

for Ubu Roi (Classical Theatre Company)

“[a] definitive, inspired production”

“ingenious… a feast for the eyes”

“constantly amazed by the droll staging, crafted with wide-eyed enthusiasm and wicked wit by director Philip Hays”
~D.L. Groover, Houston Press, January 23, 2013

for Margo Veil: An Entertainment (Mildred’s Umbrella Theater Company)

“under the tight direction of Philip Hays, Mildred’s Umbrella Theatre Company runs with this phantasmagoric piece of avant-garde theater and makes it dance”
~D.L. Groover, Houston Press, December 9, 2009

for Henry VI, Part 3 (Nova Arts Project)

“plain laugh-out-loud funny… so delightfully silly — Shakespeare would applaud”
~D.L. Groover, Houston Press, July 9, 2008


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