Doctor Faustus

by Christopher Marlowe
adapted by Timothy N. Evers
Classical Theatre Company
31 January – 9 February, 2014

Set: Ryan McGettigan
Costumes: Macy Lyne
Lighting and Projections: Matt Schlief
Sound: Philip Hays
Assistant Director: Justin Dunford
Cast: James Belcher, Dain Geist, Adam Gibbs, Joanna Hubbard
Photos: Pin Lim, Forest Photography

“thoroughly bewitching… imaginative, awesome theatricality”

“director Philip Hays and his team of sorcerers conjure up an enchanting evening in the the theatre not to be missed”

“[this] scintillating production… makes going to Hell an absolute pleasure”
Houston Press

Mephistopheles (James Belcher) shows Faustus (Adam Gibbs) the door to hell
Doctor Faustus
Lucifer (Dain Geist) and Beelzebub (Joanna Hubbard) appear to Faustus (Adam Gibbs) and Mephistopheles (James Belcher)
Doctor Faustus
Faustus (Adam Gibbs) catalogues his knowledge
Doctor Faustus
Faustus (Adam Gibbs) visits the Pope (Dain Geist) and Cardinal (Joanna Hubbard)
Doctor Faustus

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