Some nice people have said some nice things about me:

for Henry V (Prague Shakespeare Company/Main Street Theater):

“Philip Hays [stands out] as petty thief Bardolph and the clueless, headstrong Dauphin of France”
~Houston Press, March 27, 2013

for Love Goes to Press (Main Street Theater):

“The sharp and funny supporting characterizations include Philip Hays’ finicky Leonard…”
~Houston Chronicle, November 27 2012

for Life Is a Dream (Main Street Theater):

“[Calderon] gives us comic relief in the wise-ass, cowardly Clarin (Philip Hays)… His ironic wisecracks and asides to the audience send this play into the rafters. Clarin gives [the play] life; and actor Hays gives Clarin Borscht Belt timing.”
~Houston Press, September 24, 2012

“…standout is Philip Hays’ wily, frankly unheroic Clarin, always taking misfortune lightly.”
~Houston Chronicle, September 21, 2012

for Dog Act (Main Street Theater):

“Philip Hays discovers all of the humor, all of the complexities, and all of the oddities of life as Dog. I guarantee that you will fall in love with this dog from the moment you lay eyes on him. Mr. Hays brilliantly accompanies from his guitar much of the singing in the show. His soliloquy of love is as fine as any verse penned by the Bard and is brilliantly recited by Mr. Hays.”
~The Critic’s Critic, July 24, 2012

for Candida (Classical Theatre Company):

“The supporting cast…is a dream, as full of panache as the leading trio.”
~Houston Press, February 1, 2011

for Tartuffe (Classical Theatre Company):

“Hays add[s] a clownish charm to the production”
~Houston Press, April 14, 2010

for Cymbeline (Houston Shakespeare Festival):

“Philip Hays portray[s] Cloten as the gooniest of imbeciles, a sort of twerpier brother of Pee-Wee Herman.”
~Houston Chronicle, August 5, 2008



Finalist, Best Supporting Actor, 2012 Houston Theater Awards
or Dog in Dog Act (Main Street Theater)

Winner, Best Ensemble, 2012 Houston Theater Awards
or The Coast of Utopia Trilogy, dir. Rebecca Greene Udden

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